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This started as occassional emails I would send out to friends and family to keep them up-to-date with the stars and help them use Planetary Calendars. It has grown to a rather large weekly email list and some radio appearances.

Here is the most recent update - I have also compiled an archive of these emails below along with various other articles.

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September 7, 2014 Astrology Tips
Current astrological "weather forecast" or community horoscope


Hello my friends,

We are heading toward the Full Moon on Monday (3:38pm PDT - 6:38pm EDT) and I thought I would check in with you. The excitement of Sunday Football and people trying to squeeze fun out of the last bits of summer has many people out on the roads and in the restaurants and stores. If you are not a crowd-person, you may need to stay home or stay off the beaten pathways to avoid the intensity of the time. Please be careful driving, too.

This Moon has been called a Super Moon and it is the last in a series of 3. I can see in the chart that there is a ton of celestial activity going on. This is clearly a time of shedding old skins, relationships and habits. That means there is more help now to accomplish these tasks - if you put it off, that energy will wane and it could seem much harder down the line. It is about growing up and taking a firm line with ourselves - kindly guide our inner child to adulthood. This is required to pave the way for our future life and our future selves. This is the elimination phase, particularly as Uranus is conjunct the South Node. Nodes are calculated theoretical points that are related to the Moon and incarnational work - South is past life and North is this incarnation. Uranus is the great liberator, trying to free us from our past. This pair is the point of a Yod that will be happening at the time of the Full Moon. Vesta (the heart's flame asteroid, who is close to Saturn in Scorpio) and the Sun in Virgo are both Quincunx with Uranus and the South Node to make the Yod - the North Node is the Trigger. Who did you come here to be? Did you get trapped in unhealthy habits or relationships along the way that keep you from being that person? The time to take stock and make major course corrections is now.

If that was not enough, we have a second Yod - Pluto and the Moon (conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid) quincunx Jupiter to form this second Yod, but there is no trigger, since nothing is currently in Aquarius (though Aquarians will have the Sun in that spot to work as the Trigger). This can add tension and emotion to the issues of the day - but with Chiron conjunct the Moon for the Full Moon, there is healing that can be done (particularly emotional healing). Pluto and Uranus are still in loose square and Pallas (the sword of discrimination, it seems to me) - hopefully will cut through the nonsense and get to the heart of the matter. Pallas is in Libra, so it's not random slashing - it is fair, balanced and judicious.

So yeah, there could well be a lot of emotionalism around for this event - and this could sort of be the final elimination push for many of us before the eclipses and our Universal Exams are upon us. We need to continue to treat ourselves like we are in training - using our tools to stay emotionally grounded (we don't have to respond to every annoying thing that comes our way - at least not immediately), eating and sleeping well and a properly focused mental attitude will help most. We are going to make decisions that upset others - that doesn't make those decisions wrong for us. We are going to have to deal with the decisions others make - they can do what they want, we can do our own thing. The more we can do this in love, the better off we are - particularly in caring for ourselves. If you stop a bad habit and slip, just return to your resolve without beating yourself up. It's a hard process - we can only do what we can do in the moment. If we are unhappy with this moment, perhaps we can see the change we need to be happy in the next.

This is so important - I am sorry if I sound like a broken record, but this has been our curriculum this year, has it not? I am hoping to pep-talk you into successfully taking advantage of the energy around today as well as assuring you, that there are bright beautiful days ahead - and the changes we make now to improve our lives will bring us so much joy for years to come, even if it is hard to begin with. I am seeing big changes in people - people taking responsibility for their own happiness, changing career focus, responding to their own inner needs in somewhat heroic ways. I am wishing all the very best for you and sending lots of love your way.




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