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August 17 , 2016 Astrology Tips
Current astrological "weather forecast" or community horoscope


Hello my friends,

Whew! Summer is over for many of us as the kids start to go back to school - but everyone will be learning lessons for the next month as we navigate the eclipses. Since we last spoke, Mars went direct on June 29th and finished up his time in Scorpio (his traditional ruler) and at that time, a lot of us were sort of being asked to stand on our own in some way - to take back a part of our life that we had been leaving up to others. That was difficult for most and it came with strong emotions - you know, the strong emotions that make us finally get up and say "I guess I will just have to do it myself!"

I mention Mars, because Mars is getting into close conjunction with Saturn, both in early Sagittarius. This transit can be very frustrating and we could feel we are wasting our energy due to restrictions beyond our control or it can be a time to harness the inner strength need to achieve our goals, despite the obstacles. The need to move forward is growing and we can move forward and achieve much toward out ambitions with well considered action, discipline and patience. We might even encounter fortunate delays at this time. This pair will be loosely squaring Neptune at the time of the first eclipse (August 18th at 2:26am PDT/5:26am EDT) which can add some confusion to the mix. Many of the issues we are dealing with at this time are complicated with many perspectives to consider and it can be hard to know what the next thing to do it. This transit can also sap our strength and it may be hard to muster enough energy to do something brilliant - but small steps can be made.

The real bell ringer for the first eclipse is likely to be that Yod with Uranus in Aries and the Moon in Pisces both quincunxed to Jupiter, who is hanging out with Mercury in Virgo. Opposing Jupiter and Mercury is Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid. He is the trigger and so it is important to be careful with our health and try to stick to your plans for optimal health. Jupiter quincunx the Moon is likely to exaggerate our emotions a bit as we are being asked to let go of something close to our heart - which puts me back in mind of Mars asking us to be on our own and stand on our own two feet. Ultimately this transit will provide benefit, but it may be hard to see that from here.

Jupiter quincunx Uranus says "Out with the old and in with the New" - again bringing up the theme of independence. For some this will be exciting - for some it will be difficult and emotional. It sure won't be boring. Mercury will help us adjust our mind-set to the new and will have us talking about our stuff. Mercury is about as far from the Sun (Self) as he can be, so we may get a more objective look at what we are dealing with. Anything could happen at this time - take the road less travelled and remember good comes out of change. I just heard a quote from Bill Clinton: "The price of doing the same old thing is much higher than the price of change." The best thing we can do is embrace the changes and see what happens. Remember, too that things will be very fluid until about the time of the Equinox on September 22nd, so we are in for a ride. Let's see what happens.

The second eclipse happens on September 1st - just after Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo, on August 30th. Merky Retch often comes with issues, but I find never more so than when in a sign of rulership. By the second eclipse, Mercury and Jupiter are in tight, which should be very good for our judgement and our ability to take in the whole big picture - but try not to sign contracts until Mercury goes Direct on September 21st at 10:30pm (frankly, I would just wait until the New Moon on September 30th or October if possible). By the second eclipse, Saturn and Mars are still squaring Neptune (Mars has passed Saturn and is almost out of orb, but Saturn is exactly squared on Sept. 1) so there will likely be another thing brought to light in relation to that big issue we have been dealing with, at that time. Thanks to Uranus being retrograde, Jupiter and Mercury are no longer connecting with him, but they are still loosely connected with Chiron, so the need to stick to good health plans and intentions continues.

By the 3rd eclipse, I am seeing a lot more trines and things begin to work themselves out and the planetary energies begin to play nicely once again. By the 3rd eclipse (Sept. 16th at 12:05pm PDT/ 3:05pm EDT) we have Mars squaring the Sun which can make us want to go go go and could have us leaping before we look if we are not careful. Saturn remains squared with Neptune and that will last for sometime as these bodies move quite slowly. Once the transit is over (shortly after Halloween) we will all have a much better idea of where we are heading. By then, too, Mercury will be covering new ground, which will help also.

By the 3rd eclipse, Mercury will have been reigned in by the Sun (they conjunct exactly on September 12th, so try hard to listen instead of just talk on and around that date) to where he is following the Sun (he will catch back up in late October) and trining with Pluto, bringing deep conversations and persuasive speech for change, which will be quite fitting after all this. Uranus will be trining with Mars, which will be a great time for action toward change and realizing goals, bringing enthusiasm and drive to the issue. We also have Chiron conjunct the Moon for the 3rd eclipse, which can give us glimpses of our life purpose, though it can be an emotionally sensitive time - great time for healing.

So yes - we have a big month or so ahead of us. It may be a difficult time - certainly it is an important one. Don't shrink away from the emotions or the changes it inspires - you are on the right path. All is in Divine and perfect order - we need to trust the process and make the best of it. One way to do that is to take good care of yourself, so that you are operating at the right level or frequency to reap the most rewards from the events to come. I am excited - I hope you are too. If you are not, please take some deep breaths and just put one foot in front of the other. You will get there, my friend. Sending lots of love and strength to you. xoxo!




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