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This started as occassional emails I would send out to friends and family to keep them up-to-date with the stars and help them use Planetary Calendars. It has grown to a rather large weekly email list and some radio appearances.

Here is the most recent update - I have also compiled an archive of these emails below along with various other articles.

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February 22, 2015 Astrology Tips
Current astrological "weather forecast" or community horoscope


Hello my friends,

I hope you all enjoyed the Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday shift of energy this past week, as we experienced our 2nd New Moon in Aquarius. So many people are seeing their energy building in effectiveness for projects (especially purging, home cleaning / improvement projects), though many of us are still very tired. Shivering is draining, let's face it - not to mention the Piscean energy of this time sort of makes us want to stay in bed and indulge ourselves a bit. Many of us need extra rest and TLC at this time. The stress on change and the dramatic nature of some of our changes has been hard to deal with for a long time, in many cases. Even those who are coming out of difficulty are susceptible - often it is not until the danger is over that our bodies begin to process and release the stress of that now past danger.

As I write to you today, however, Mars and Venus are dancing together in the earliest degrees of Aries. This pair, in his sign, wants passionate sparks - romantic or argumentative, often times. Doing something physical with your sweetie can defuse some tension. To avoid arguments, think for a moment before you complain or argue, think about all the good this person adds to your life and decide if it is really worth it to open your mouth.

The Sun is in Pisces, quickly approaching Neptune (Pisces ruler) and Chiron (the Wounded Healer asteroid), which could have us focusing on health issues. Neptune is traditional medicine while Chiron is natural or alternative medicine. I have a health issue in my life that I will pursue with my doctor and get all the information to share with my Naturopath and Chiropractor as the Sun gets closer to Chiron - and I wouldn't be surprised if others do likewise. Even those not herbally inclined may wind up changing their diet or lifestyle as the Sun gets closer to Chiron. If you need a health change in your life (and those born in the mid to late 1960s are getting ready for Chiron Return, so this is most especially for you) please take advantage of the helpful energy in the stars to work on those changes.

In fact, Mars and Venus are getting ready to connect with liberating Uranus, which might help with the willingness and ease with which we change. Those resistant to change can get a rude awakening, but those willing and open to change could find miraculous surprises that add health and ease to your every day life.

The next Full Moon (March 8th) will have a powerful Yod at work, as Jupiter will quincunx both the Sun and Pluto (who is nearly exactly squared with Uranus). Vesta (the Heart's Flame asteroid) will oppose Jupiter and serve as the powerful trigger for this configuration. Your heart's flame in Aquarius, looking to break out of convention. We need to commit mind, body and soul to make these changes affective - and we have the resources we need. Millions of people make just these kinds of changes all the time. Time for us to step up, no matter how hard our inner child kicks and screams - the child will settle down as we see our health and our lives improve with our diligent efforts.

The March 8th Full Moon will be the last lunation before our eclipses - it could very well set the stage for our Universal Midterms, which start on March 20th, with more Yoddy action. This time we have Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces, each quincunx with the Vertex in Leo (close to Jupiter) and the North Node in Libra. There is nothing in the trigger spot sign of Virgo. This might be a good time to think about and communicate dreams and inner musings with Mercury conjunct Neptune - it might also be a good time to talk about health plans and concerns. Jupiter in the mix is expansive and the North Node ties this all in to what we are here to do in this life and incarnation. The Vertex seems to offer an opportunity to grow - and close to Jupiter, even more so. In the Pacific time zone, Jupiter is in the 9th house and on a quest to find the meaning of life, in many ways. There is an interesting intangible, close at hand.

So that sets the stage for our mid-term. Our goal is to show how far we have come and how much we have learned, by controlling our reactions, being open to change and focused on our own good health - as well as others good health, but there is an underlying feeling that many of us have not been caring for ourselves as we should, as we are taking care of others. We must first nourish ourselves from the Well of Life, then there will be plenty left for others, as Ralph Blum has said.

This year, the tense mid-term season comes with an extra added surprise - on the 16th we have our 7th and final exact square between Uranus and Pluto, again crashing those energies of our deepest needs and desires with the energy of change and liberation. This is, by no means, the last of this aspect - these two distant planets dance into the 2020s - this just marks the last exact connection of our lifetimes. The 16th is naturally, a box day on Planetary Calendar, largely because of the unpredictability of this combination. Great day, perhaps, to finish up something old, with a new perspective. These energies are trying to help you get to where you want to be - don't resist them, explore them. We will need to flow like water for a while here.

April 4th will be our 2nd and final eclipse in this series - total lunar eclipse at 5:05am PDT (yes, we switch to daylight time on March 8th in the US and Canada) in the sign of Libra. Passover begins that day, Easter Sunday is the next day. There are a lot of trines going on, on the 4th - expansive trines with Jupiter to Mercury and the Sun. Mercury also trines Saturn, giving good common sense and planning ability. North Node will be aligned with the Moon and the South aligned with the Sun closely conjunct innovative Uranus. In a decision between head and heart, I think I would go with heart that day, to be aligned with your current purpose here, It is so easy to do what we've always done, isn't it? We seem to be being urged to resist that, as Sun conjunct Uranus encourages us to try something new. Whatever happens, Mercury is fast approaching the Sun, so we again have that energy of people wanting to talk a lot but not wanting to listen - or not being able to hear, perhaps, more accurately. That can be frustrating unless you are forewarned - so consider yourself forewarned! Something else to consider on the 4th is with the Sun closely conjunct Uranus, the Sun is also squaring Pluto, which can be frustrating as we can find ourselves engaged in a battle of wills. We may be tempted to impose our will onto another or we may feel powerless to resist the will of another. At this time it is best to be as calm, compromising and compassionate as we can. Fortunately, the Sun moves away from Uranus in just a few days (5 days, roughly) so this is not a new permanent, just something to deal with to pass our exams.

Sending lots of love your way dear friends!


PS - we extended our discount sale since I had errors on the page. We have less that 20 copies of the wall sized and about 60 pocket sized calendars left, so use this link while supplies last, to get your copy.

PPS - For those following our personal story, the kids are doing well with the transition of being full time at my house while their dad is away. It is a big change for everyone, but so far, so good. I am hoping my email frequency will once again increase as things settle down. Thanks for the inquiries, love and patience everyone! xo!



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