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This started as occassional emails I would send out to friends and family to keep them up-to-date with the stars and help them use Planetary Calendars. It has grown to a rather large weekly email list and some radio appearances.

Here is the most recent update - I have also compiled an archive of these emails below along with various other articles.

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September 24, 2014 Astrology Tips
Current astrological "weather forecast" or community horoscope


Hello my friends,

It's a busy and exciting time with Pluto going Direct as we hit the Autumnal Equinox, followed with a New Moon, giving added oomph in the new beginnings department. The Equinoxes and Solstices mark the quarters of our year and their charts give insight into how each quarter unfolds. The New Moon begins a new energy cycle, with energy building until the Full Moon peak, before the energy begins to wane again.

Pluto (the planet most in touch with our deepest needs and desires) has been Retrograde since April 14th. When Pluto goes retrograde, something is bubbling beneath the surface for many of us. Pluto is biding his time and reviewing recent events. Now that he has gone Direct (on 9/22), that energy is getting back out into the world and forward motion is being applied to the simmering results. The Equinox chart emphasizes the need for change, and removing old unwanted influences. This is not a frivolous desire. At the time of the Equinox (just a few hours after Pluto goes Direct on 9/22), the South Node (representing what we bring to this incarnation) is conjunct Uranus, the great liberator. The Universe is giving us a chance to break free of constricting relationships, beliefs and habits - outmoded self identifiers that keep us rooted in the old (in many cases, the very old - stuff we brought with us from past incarnations and our childhoods). On the other side, the North Node (representing this incarnation and our current work and lessons) is conjunct with Mercury, encouraging us to communicate and think about these new changes and to be open to new ideas. For some, this aspect is encouraging a greater use of our mind to solve these problems - not just thinking about them, but using the power of our mind to create change in our world, with intention, meditation and modifying our own perception. If the world is a reflection of our own attitudes and beliefs, the world will not change unless we clean out and remove our own limiting beliefs (i.e. if we KNOW that our job stinks, there is no way for it to get better until we can KNOW something different). The desire to wake up from the past and see the world in a different way is very visible on Facebook, in the grass roots political pushes we see - very tied in with the push to change old ideas and mindsets on a grand scale. In the personal, people are drilling down to the heart of important issues and working hard on changing personal habits and stinking thinking.

Many of us between 47 and 53 or so, are focused on personal health issues, as we near and deal with our Chiron return. Chiron return is often a time when we pay the piper for abusing or ignoring our personal health. Chiron return should not be taken lightly - your health is paramount and it is crucial to enjoying your remaining years on earth as well as being affective in your existence. When we are infirm or limited by pain or discomfort, everything else in life gets harder - it is even hard to be nice to the people we love when we are sick or scared about our health. Those younger may want to bear this in mind, as they make changes related and as a result of their Uranus opposition. Don't count on unhealthy habits to get you through the changes inspired during this time, unless you want to have more big changes and upheavals in the next phase, also. NOW is the time to put our foot down about the way we treat ourselves and they way we allow our life to treat us. The energy for change is here now to help - it will be harder if we put it off to later (yes, even harder than it is now). Too many of us want to say "when the stresses in my life calm I can focus on my health." At this time, the stresses in our lives will calm AFTER we focus on our health.

The Autumnal Equinox happens when the Sun enters Libra. Sun in Libra focuses us on relationships - pairing up to make health changes could increase our chances of success. Making changes with our sweetie could help strengthen our health and bond. When we work well together we increase our productivity. The New Moon (9/23), also happened in Libra, adding emotional support to the partnership idea - and here we begin to ready ourselves for what is coming in October.

Mercury goes retrograde on October 4. He will start the retrograde period in intense Scorpio, while the Pluto squares both the Sun and Uranus (who also oppose each other). This will be a bump in the road as Pluto and Uranus continue the square we have been talking about - urging deep and personal change - as they now get the Sun (the Self) involved. We need to be flexible and open to change. We need to be very honest with ourselves and we need to be brave. This is likely to be a tense time for many. If you have any technology issues that need to be addressed, do that now. Once October starts there will not be time for it and weak links in our tech chain will likely fail us and add to the difficulties.

The Full Moon Eclipse on Oct. 8th (in Aries) will have the Moon conjunct that changeable Uranus, adding our emotions to the Pluto squares, even Venus is involved, still loosely conjunct the Sun. If we are on the right path, this could help us change our emotions, keeping our love-light close to the Self - it could be exciting and bring rewards. If we are not on the right path, this could provide the disruption we need to get on the right path. This issue will be open until the second eclipse on the 23rd of October - the New Moon in Scorpio, on the same day Sun and Venus enter Scorpio, all 3 making a creative trine with Neptune... well, Neptune can be creative, overly sensitive, even unclear. Scorpio can be very intense and passionate or controlling and secretive. It is up to us to bring out the best qualities, while being aware of the possibility of the negative qualities.

The good news is expansive and lucky Jupiter is trining Uranus this whole time. That shows an exciting chance for self change and a real push forward in that area. While we are showing 3 Box days in October, we show 5 fabulous
Circle Days - really, anything can happen. Again, I can't stress enough the importance of staying centered, well rested and well cared for. This is Final Exam time, folks. Let's show 'em what we have learned. Let's allow ourselves the time to think before we react and to get through this period with deliberate action and trust in the process of change. Let's sort of hold hands and cross the threshold to the next level of existence together. Let's be properly partnered and mature about each and every choice we make all day long, just for a month. We will have to maintain the effort through much of October, but once we pass these final exams, things will calm and settle down toward our lovely, end of the year transits. Take care. Take it easy. Be deliberate and set some new habits with me.

Sending lots of love and positive wishes, my dear friends. Don't forget to help the little ones through these transits, too. They feel the energy too, and need our example and kind consideration to get through. If your little one is acting up, this may be why. Compassion and understanding will win the day with them. Peace!


PS - Karen Bishop posted a new Ascension report this past week. I think some of you are following that story, so I include the link.

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