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This started as occassional emails I would send out to friends and family to keep them up-to-date with the stars and help them use Planetary Calendars. It has grown to a rather large weekly email list and some radio appearances.

Here is the most recent update - I have also compiled an archive of these emails below along with various other articles.

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July 23, 2015 Astrology Tips
Current astrological "weather forecast" or community horoscope


Hello my dear friends,

I am writing today because I see a lot of folks suffering a bit with issues they thought were wrapped up last December. Many of us had a large issue we grappled with for two and a half years or so (the length of time Saturn stays in one sign) and we thought it was over - all taken care of. We have been focused on healing and moving forward, only to have Saturn retrograde into Scorpio again and for many of us, that same old nonsense and fear is rearing up again. Not exactly the same, but the same people or feelings or circumstances or what not - noticeably similar at any rate and that can give us a hopeless "things will never change" sort of feeling. Don't buy into that feeling - it is not true.We know it's not true. We moved on - we were getting over it.

The issues of the last 2 years or so have been big issues, with many details and nuances. So much to learn. This is your review. How will you handle it this time? Have you healed enough to move on and not let it bother you? Have you learned what NOT to do? Will you do the same things and think the same things you did last time? We have learned a lot - A LOT - so please, let's just hold onto our hats and use those healthy habits we have been working on to do this bit better. This time will be relatively short - we've got that both going for us and against us. Use the energy while you can. Now is the time to make the changes needed to really put the issue to bed.

This coming Saturday (July 25th) is a box day, as Venus turnsretrograde in critical, service oriented Virgo. If you have been on acleaning binge this last week and wondered why, it's because Venus onlyjust got to Virgo and a clean house is comforting. Now she will turnretrograde and that energy will be turned inward. It is now time forus to do some internal house cleaning and focus on how we comfortourselves - to look within and honor our own needs. Try not to soundlike a disapproving mother in your mental dialog and try to enjoyfocusing on living and eating more healthfully. This energy will notlast long either - she is heading back to the party in Leo on the 31st,where she gives off a more fun loving, from the heart vibe. Listen towhat your loved ones are saying and speak softly and kindly if you wantthem to hear you.

Sunday we have Uranus turning retrograde and directing it's energy for change, liberation and freedom inward. Doesn't that sound like an important match up? So many of us are trying to improve our daily care and health habits. I think there is real support in this endeavor for the last week of the month. Meditating under the Delta Aquarid meteor showers on the 27th and the 28th might be just the ticket.

Then Saturn turns Direct on August 1st (the following Saturday). So now is when that hairy issue of old gets turned around. Here is where our energy for responsible action shines outward and into the world again. Here is where we start to move forward with decisive action to truly put that issue of old to rest. Venus retrograde in Leo by this time has us coming from the heart and comforting ourselves.

Then, badabing, badaboom - Circle day, August 2nd, with Mercury (communication) and Uranus (liberation) in harmonious trine - time to talk change with a compassionate & creative Pisces Moon. Next Jupiter Venus conjunction on August 4th. Super lucky Circle Day with an assertive Aries Moon, while the Sun (self) and Moon (emotions) are in harmonious trine. These are going to be super good days, my friends. Great things begin on these days - changes in perspective, new love, new opportunity...and someone will win the lottery on the 4th!

Saturn moves back into Sagittarius on September 17th - and we will all likely look forward to that with every bit of anticipation we had in late December when he did this the last time. Saturn in Sagittarius will have it's own themes and issues - you may have gotten a taste of that earlier this year. If you have something in early Sag, make hay while the sun shines now and keep the magnesium and chocolate handy. If you have planets in the end of Scorpio, you have my condolences and reassurances that this, too, shall pass.Breathe in strength. Breathe out the BS. It's almost over.

Sending lots and lots of love to you all. Peace!




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