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This started as occassional emails I would send out to friends and family to keep them up-to-date with the stars and help them use Planetary Calendars. It has grown to a rather large weekly email list and some radio appearances.

Here is the most recent update - I have also compiled an archive of these emails below along with various other articles.

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August 29, 2014 Astrology Tips
Current astrological "weather forecast" or community horoscope



Forgive me friends, it has been more than a month since my last email. August has been so busy with a botched family vacation, a possum infestation (7 removed from my home in the last few weeks) the drama of back to school (my youngest was very nervous about promotion to middle school) and the earthquake. We had no earthquake damage - my folks in Napa had minimal damage, though the town is surely worse for it.

Everywhere I look, I see people struggling with the energy of the time. Dramatic upheaval for some - several tragic deaths in our local community and many in the world - others seem to have an underlying tension and a feeling of driving with the brakes on.

The big news on the astrology blogs has been the Saturn Mars conjunction in Scorpio. Mars suffered a long 9 months in Libra - the planet of action has a hard time getting anything done when in the sign of we and balance...action slows as we are all sort of working by committee. Mars finally gets into his beloved sign of Scorpio (a sign known for its intensity and murky depths) only to find restrictive Saturn firmly entrenched there. As Mars got closer to Saturn, that driving with the brakes on feeling really kicked in - mercifully, Mars has now passed Saturn in the later degrees of Scorpio on his way toward energetic and optimistic Sagittarius, so the pressure should be easing off. Mars enters Jupiter ruled Sag on September 13th and so we will begin to see some real movement and even enlightenment as actions are brought out into the open at that time. Remember, too, that Jupiter is in early Leo now - fire signs trine and Jupiter will trine Mars in Sag as well as the Moon in Aries on October 8th - (our next eclipse).

Jupiter in Leo has our hearts open and expanding, but it also has our emotions high and exposed. Facebook has become much more emotional since Jupiter entered Leo on July 16h and Mars entered Scorpio on July 25th, in my circles, anyway. The passing of Robin Williams, Gaza and Ferguson, MO seem to be super fueling the emotionalism - but even the ice bucket challenge seems to be inspiring more emotion that is strictly necessary. Jupiter expands - it makes mountains out of molehills as well as bringing luck and abundance. We need to learn how to keep an even keel at such a time - we will get a full year to work on this, while Jupiter is in Leo.

Remember, too, that Saturn is finishing up his time in intense Scorpio so there may be accelerated growth in that area and with Mars there it is not very comfortable. This is more an issue for people or areas of our lives where we resist movement. Saturn wants the rules followed - do the responsible thing (not the emotional thing) for best results. At least in this area, we can all take heart - Saturn enters optimistic and light hearted Sagittarius at the end of this year (December 23rd), where he can relax a bit.

Again we need to focus on our relationship with ourselves, in order to care for ourselves in such away that we can remain grounded and centered to be able to cope with these strong energies. With Pluto squaring Uranus until 2016, this intensity will reoccur and potentially get stronger as America approaches its Pluto return. We are living in interesting times and we are in training to deal with that, while shedding our old skins to cocreate something wonderful, hopefully. Fortunately, the last week of the year seems to herald a break from the tension in many respects.

In the meantime, it is Virgo time! Time for back to school, apple pie and thoughts of Halloween! Time for the big Christmas push to start - placing ads, starting sales, etc. October will be...distracting, for many. Eclipses on October 8th and 23rd will shake up the playing field, so try to use September to its fullest. No Circle days in September, but no box days either. Mercury in Virgo until September 1st - please start projects that require a sharp, analytical or computer focused mind before he moves to Libra. You may want to plan a lovely romantic or indulgent time while Venus is still in Leo - she moves to Virgo on September 5th (when love becomes a bit more practical and possibly critical). Don't let a picky Venus in Virgo sabotage the good work you have done in your relationships this year. Sometimes it is best to say nothing if you cannot say something nice.

If you are dealing with sadness, fear or other negative emotions, due to the transits or recent events, please consider Rescue Remedy. This Bach Flower Remedy is inexpensive and effective with dealing with trauma. It seems everyone I talk to lately is dealing with something that makes me recommend this (thanks to a reminder from a good friend) so I mention it to you. Wishing you all the very best, my friends.


PS - I am so glad we did video forecasts for each month this year. Please check out Planetary Calendar TV on YouTube with this link.



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