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This started as occassional emails I would send out to friends and family to keep them up-to-date with the stars and help them use Planetary Calendars. It has grown to a rather large weekly email list and some radio appearances.

Here is the most recent update - I have also compiled an archive of these emails below along with various other articles.

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November 11, 2014 Astrology Tips
Current astrological "weather forecast" or community horoscope


Hello my dear friends - how are you?

I am finally able to crawl out from under the aspects to write and I wanted to write today, particularly as Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn (which by now is waning). Mars is the planet of action and can inspire impulsive or aggressive behavior as much as it can inspire us to action of any kind. When the modern ruler of Scorpio (Pluto) gets in close with the traditional ruler of Scorpio (Mars), well, you can see where I am going with this. We may feel a very strong need to act. We may have inflamed emotions about things that are going on (likely those things related to the recent eclipse craziness of last month). This pair is also squaring Uranus, who represent surprise, change, invention and liberation, which adds to the urgency and emotion - particularly as change can be scary, but no change can be worse.

Before we throw out the baby with the bath water, it may be helpful to talk to someone and see if your rationale is logical or largely emotional. The Sun and Venus are travelling together and getting close to Saturn. Asking for help and behaving responsibly is likely your best course of action, as well as self examination,. Don't get caught in a power play just for power's sake. Take the high road whenever possible.

On the plus side, there is great energy for accomplishment and work projects. Many of us are focused on the year end - ending the year financially strong, getting ready for the holidays, which will be distracting. We have a golden window to accomplish much between now and when the Sun enters Sagittarius on Nov. 22nd, joining Venus, with Mercury soon to follow.

I also want to mention that with the Sun in Scorpio right now and so close to Venus, many of us are extra focused on what other people are doing. If Taurus represents what I have and what I need to feel comfortable, the other side of the wheel is what WE have and what WE need to feel comfortable. Right now there is a lot of YOU need to do xyz so that I can feel comfortable. My dear man has recently had surgery and I find myself getting upset because he is not following the doctor's instructions as I interpret them, which would make me feel more comfortable. I need to back off and say, "this is his thing - I trust him to handle it properly." I am seeing this theme in all manner of relationships on all different level just now.

At times like this it can help for us to sort of gather in our own scattered energy and put things back into proper perspective. We can not control others - we can only control ourselves and sometimes, the answer is to vote with our feet and just walk away. We can come back to these people and situations later, rather than wind up being a super buttinsky and showing a lack of trust or respect for the others involved.

Tuesday Nov.11th is a Circle day on Planetary Calendar, indicating a great day to start new things - anything, really, but with the Cancer Moon, we might be leaning toward family things. Next week Venus moves into sociable Sagittarius on the 16th - another Circle day on the calendar - but with the Moon in detail oriented, mental Virgo, planning. organizing and detailed work will be highlighted. Hopefully that will off set the last week of the Moon, which can often be a bit low energy. Leonid Meteor Showers peak on Nov. 17 an 18 - look for the question mark shape in the sky to find Leo. New Moon on the 22nd as the Sun enters Sagittarius and the party starts rolling. The kids will be home from school and the Holiday Season is officially kicked off! December 1st, 11th, 16th and the 26th are all Circle days, too - looking forward to a joyous end of the year...but I am sure to talk to you again before that. xo!





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