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Traditional Printed pocket and walll sized calendars

A wonderful reference for anyone interested in astrology - novice to beginners
Works for all sun signs - easy to customize the information for anyone you know.

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(includes ephemeral info for planets and 7 asteroids)

Printable Day Planner Astrological Calendars

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Planetary Calendar

Planetary Calendars have been in print for over 60 years and we have long thought these are the very best astrological / astronomical calendars available today for both amateurs and advanced astrologers alike. We put as much information into each edition as we can - helpful information like:

- Educational information to help you personalize the planetary data for you or anyone you know
Meteor Shower Peak Dates (there are 8 showers each year)
Current Moon Sign and Phase (including void-of-course times)
Eclipse information (4-6 eclipses each year)
Monthly astrological general forecast - not sun sign specific
Planetary Aspects and Monthly Ephemeris
Many World Religion holidays (helping us connect in the new Age)
Planting by the Moon information (sort of like an almanac)
User instructions with information and sign and planetary definitions for a handy reference
Planetary Retrograde list for the year (listed on the dates, as well)
Solar and Lunar eclipse list for the year (also listed on the dates)

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Available in printed wall and pocket sized versions, computer, iPad, Nook or smart phone (like Droid, iPhone and Blackberry) and our printable .PDF version is for day planners (3 sizes! Fits most, including Franklin Covey, Day Runner and Day Timer) allowing you to have current astrological information with you wherever you go.

Learn more about our Professional Version, including daily planetary degree and signs for all planets, Sun, Moon and 7 asteroids (Chiron, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, Ceres, Hygeia, Astraea, Selena, Sedna, and Eris). Currently only availalbe electronically for mobilie devices - check out 2014 for Free!

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Watch Publisher, Carole Cherry and Co-Authors, Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis
talk about current astrology on Planetary Calendar TV

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